Q: Where do we find our boat?

A: Boats are docked in Opatija harbor, in Gruž harbour in Dubrovnik and in ferry harbour in Split. In Split, boats are most often allocated from part of harbour opposite the main bus station and further to the center of the city opposite the train station, next to the building of Port Authority and directly at the main promenade. Representatives of our agency in white Katarina Line shirts will be in harbour with the lists of guests’ names, belonging names of boats and numbers of cabins. They are available to the guests for all information during embarkation.

Q:When can we get on boat?

A: Embarkation is on Saturday till 1 p.m., except in Dubrovnik Sundays from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m. Cabins are ready for guests about 12:00 altough it is possible to come even earlier during morning and leave baggage on boat while the boat is still being cleaned. After welcome speech and presentation of crew members, guests start with their first lunch/dinner in Dubrovnik and the boat leaves the port. 

Q: When is the end of the trip?

A: Boats are coming back to Split and Opatija on Friday afternoon and in Dubrovnik on Saturday afternoon. Guests have to leave their cabins till 9 a.m. on Saturday/Sunday morning so that the crew can clean the boat for the next guests. Last meal is breakfast on that morning. 

Q: Is there a place to park a car for 7 days? 

A: We can offer our help with parking. In Opatija our staff will take your car at the parking and charge you for 7 days. in Split we can recommend you a garage not far from the harbour. Our representatives in harbour Split will give you instructions how to get to the parking, after you have left baggage on the boat. We kindly ask you to inform us while making a reservation that you are coming by car.

Aditional informations for Split: Garage address is: Ulica Branka Šimića 1, 21 000 Split. Please note that the there is 24h surveillance in the garage, however for any damage to the vehicle Katarina line is not responsible. To return to the port you can walk (15-20 minutes), take a taxi, or catch a bus on Poljička cesta (in front of Auto Hrvatska building). Bus No. 3, 5, 8, 11, 17 will take you to Zagrebačka ulica (you exit on the 2nd bus stop). Ticket for one ride costs 11 Kuna to be purchased with the driver in the bus in cash, Kuna only.

Q: Is there warm water on boat?

A: Electricity and water are available on the boat, but in a limited capacity. All the boats have generator for electricity that makes certain level of noise, so it’s not turned on during the night or while the boat is docked in some peaceful bay. Tanks for water have capacities that match numbers of cabins, actually numbers of beds on boat, so there is always enough water for everyone, even in cases if the tank isn’t filled each day, assuming that everyone use water rationally. Boats also have central heater that ensures warm water assuming that everyone use warm water rationally. 

Q: Are there some security measures on boat?

A: All the boats are equipped with life saving boats and life jackets which can be found under the beds in cabins or in marker wardrobe on deck or in the salon. If you are non – swimmer, we kindly ask you to inform us and the captain earlier. During your stay on the boat you need to pay attention on following: steps are much tighter and sharper and it requires alert while coming down or going up; deck can be extremely slippery during rain or morning humidity, so it’s necessary while you are walking on boat to hold the fence with one hand; it is strictly forbidden to climb on foremast, jumping off the deck during the sail nor going far away from the boat during swim pauses. It’s also important to realize that the wood is alive material that assembles during high temperatures and it is possible that water reaches cabins because of the rain or bad weather, so you should close windows during bad weather and in cabins below deck also during sail. We have to alert you on next: during high season, harbors can be very crowded and often boats are docked next to each other, so we kindly ask you to be very careful while you are going from one boat to another. 

Q: Is there a night silence on boat?

A: Boat is very acoustic and it doesn’t have sound isolation, so it’s necessary to act according to that. Silence on boat officially begins after midnight. We alert you that some harbors often can be crowded with boats and guests what can disturb someone’sleep. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for the noise made in harbours on Katarina Line boat fleet or on some other boats.  

Q: Can the route be changed?

A: Captain has right to change planed route in case of bad weather or unfavorable condition in harbors. Sometimes it just changes route direction in a way to avoid crowd in harbors or predicted bad weather. No matter on route changes, captain assures that guests visit all planed destinations just in a different order than the planed one. Only in case of extremely bad weather, it is possible to elide some of the harbors that are not protected enough and safe for overnight stay. It is necessary to realize tat captains are not always in a possibility to please guest’s wishes and dock in earlier in specific harbors like Korčula or Hvar, because port authorities do not allow early docking in of our boats because of arrival of specific transport lines and limited place in harbors. Guests are obligated to overlook notice board everyday and the time of the departure from specific port so that they can be on time on boat.

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