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Send us your best story or anecdote from your Katarina Line cruise and participate in "Best Story" contest. Best one wins a free cruise for 2 persons next season. 

We witness a lot of funny anecdotes each year and have decided to run a special "Best Story Competition". Send us your funny or even a serious but interesting story connected to our cruise. We will publish the best ones on our Facebook page and the winner wins a cruise for the next season. Contest is open until the end of the year.

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Joanne Greenhalgh


Title : Shipmates.

Blundering. That's what I am doing she thought. Blundering around a pitch black cabin like a blind Labrador optimistically feeling for a way out.
It was the first night of their voyage around the northern Croatian islands and giddy with excitement the six British friends had over imbibed on local speciality wine and as the wine levels sank, the holiday spirits rose.
And that is why she was blundering around an unfamiliar cabin looking for the door to the toilet, she chastised herself, anxiously praying that when found, it was not the door to the corridor. Added to this was the worry that she had no idea what time it was and that it was very possible that when she mistakenly stepped out into the corridor, some of her new shipmates could also be there. Clothed. Sober. Disapproving. Peering at her dishevelled nakedness with alarm, which would undoubtedly set the tone for the week " yes she really was naked - and quite possibly still drunk in the morning - disgraceful ! " they said.
A few days later, the toilet successfully navigated in the dark without any of the aforementioned worries, she was settling into her new life on board the Morena. She thought it was a bit like being in a super luxury floating prison with enforced swim stops for exercise and enforced shared meals with your inmates "to keep your strength up" and even a disco for socialising!
All this mixing gave her plenty of time to observe her fellow shipmates she mused.
There was the Croatian/ Eastern European couple who commandeered pole position on the best outdoor table, guarding their seats on a round the clock rota lest anyone should dash into their places in an un-agreed game of musical chairs.
The techno babies were found on the top deck, a very young couple, spawned from the birth of the digital revolution who accessorised their swim suits with a range of screens and small silver boxes which blipped and beeped like digital pets.
The Aqua family spent the majority of their time under water. She wondered if she looked really close, she would see that the mothers ears were really gills and the slightly nervous chatter of the father was more akin to the call of a dolphin.
They had a pair of interchangeable Aqua boys ( she knew there were two but had only ever seen one at anytime) The matriarch Aqua parents were a hoot and she hoped she would age as gracefully as grandma with a similar zest for life.
Staring out to sea was the old man of time- a Russian, with long flowing hair and a beard to match, washed in extra white washing powder until it looked like gossamer white candy floss. She had definitely seen him peering out from the cover of a book on ancient Russian philosophers.
Our ship brochure model was a handsome Belgium, with his two equally beautiful girls. The bond between them was almost visible as was his slightly amused eyebrows when he came across the six of us enjoying our lunchtime beers.
My favourite were the Croatian/ Australian couple. He was making his first, (emotional) trip back to his homeland. A larger than life man with a huge handlebar moustache and smile to match his Mediterranean stature. His wife's sunny nature matched his size, competing with the sun to warm up the skies.
We of course could not be described easily. A group of six northerners from England. We talked a lot, drank a lot and above all, laughed a lot. Old enough to know better, but young in our outlook and hearts. Holidaying like carefree children, uninhibited, fondly abusing and complimenting each other in equal measures.
Our crew watched us all, as we watched them, no doubt rating us all against previous weeks for manners and tip generosity!
We had young top knot boy, with an attractive face that every female on the boat could not help themselves stealing the odd glance in his direction from time to time. The young Belgium girls soon succumbed to his magic and one could only guess what might happen when the bar closed and there was only the moon to keep watch.
Our 'main man' had a sense of humour dry enough to be mistaken for curtness, flashing suddenly like the red of his belt and his matching shoes.
The Morena's captain was a truly dignified man. It was as if he had spent his life preparing for such a role and when asked at school at the age of 6 "what do you want to be when you grow up" He replied with such seriousness for one so young " why, the captain of a small cruise ship of course!"
So as the week progressed, like a game of chess, we moved amongst each other, warily at first, nodding our international greetings politely.
Then as the sun warmed our bones and the beer relaxed our bodies, we unraveled, getting to know each other, letting the stories of our lives spill onto the decks, until they puddled together. So that when we disembarked, we took not only our dirty towels, but little bits of each other's lives, making us wiser and happier people.