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Send us your best story or anecdote from your Katarina Line cruise and participate in "Best Story" contest. Best one wins a free cruise for 2 persons next season. 

We witness a lot of funny anecdotes each year and have decided to run a special "Best Story Competition". Send us your funny or even a serious but interesting story connected to our cruise. We will publish the best ones on our Facebook page and the winner wins a cruise for the next season. Contest is open until the end of the year.

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Chester Studzinski


In August of this year, my partner and I cruised on Infinity from Dubrovnik to Split via many wonderful places including Slano, Ston, Pomena, Korcula, Vis, Bisevo, Hvar & Bol.  Dining on the boat was wonderful with five-star cuisine served for breakfast & lunch together with dinner on our first three nights.  

Our first night of dining out of an evening came after we docked at the beautiful town of Korcula.  Almost half of the entourage on board were known to each other and had gathered from around the world to meet and join up with two long-time friends who were to get married in Copenhagen in a few weeks’ time.  Included in their party were a wheelchair bound couple, one of whom was an amputee. Despite his injuries, this chap was far from disabled and included himself in all the ship’s activities.  Despite his fiercely independent attitude, due to the nature of the access to the ship, he did require assistance to retrieve his wheelchair once he had made his way up the gangway.  

On this night, the group of friends were all meeting for dinner in the town and he had returned briefly to the boat to change his shirt. After he boarded, I volunteered to retrieve the wheelchair for him, but my offer was politely declined as he was only to be on the ship for a short period.  As an alternative, I agreed that I would keep a watchful eye on the wheelchair which was parked on the jetty next to the gangway and a short distance from the harbour wall.

As I sat at the rear of ship, enjoying my beer and keeping my watchful eye on the wheelchair, a young crew member from one of the other boats moored next to us approached the gangway to board.  He paused and stared at the empty wheelchair.  

Obviously thinking the worst, he cautiously approached the edge of the harbour wall.  Not knowing what to expect, the look of horror on his face as he gingerly peered into the water below was priceless as was the look of relief a few seconds later.

Just one little story from what was a week of many memorable moments..